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What about buying used pieces?

Bargain Woodworking Equipment

Don't discount buying used equipment. There's money savings to be had here but just to be sure to inspect the piece thoroughly. If you're not that familiar with the piece take someone with you who is familiar so they can inspect it on your behalf. A good place to look for a bargain is farm equipment auctions, usually held twice a month.

What are other places to get sandpaper?

Woodworking Paper Supply

You may not think about it, but a shop can use up quite a bit of paper. And not just bathroom paper either. Sandpaper, all kinds of sandpaper, and if you're buying from a box store for your sandpaper needs, then contacting a supply house is a must. You will get a better price if you buy a larger supply and they will have a better selection to fit your needs.

What to do with the dust?

Woodworking Disposal

In a busy woodworking shop, the saw dust and shavings pile up quickly. What to do with it? Some shops give their dust to local farms to bed their animals in. Other shops use it as scrap material and other shops simply discard of the dust and shavings. Saw dust makes a good spill absorbent, too. Before you just throw it away, consult your phone book or browse the Internet for other shops and farm areas that might be interested in taking the saw dust and scrap off your hands.

What about my electrical supply?

Woodworking Electrical Supply In Your Home Or Shop

It is very important that the tools and equipment you are using get the electricity they need to run properly. If they are starved for amps, you will have a hard time running the motors. Not to mention it could be a safety hazard. Be sure to check to see that your current supply of power is what is needed to safely run your shop. If you're not sure, it's best to contact a licensed electrician to find out.

Where to get some help with blade replacements?

Woodworking Replaceables

Woodworking replaceables are circular saw blades, band saw blades, jig saw blades and nail sets or screw bits. But like anything - do your research before you buy. Sometimes it pays to do a little digging and asking around. Call local cabinet shops for the name of any rep's they deal with for help or contact some smaller supply houses.

Where do I look for woodworking specialty items?

Woodworking Specialty

There are times when all the regular outlets for supplies won't do. There are just times when because of what you are working on you need something a little different. In this case, use the Internet to your advantage and find those hard to find pieces that are essential to your project. If you don't have a computer yourself, you can access one at the local library. If what you're looking for is rare, then the Internet is the place to start you treasure hunt.

Where to get wood?

Wood Supply: Wood Sources

You can't have a woodworking shop without wood. But where can you get the best wood for your project? There are many resources:

  • The local lumberyard
  • Big box stores
  • Outlets that sell rough lumber.

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