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What other ways can I save space ?

Woodshop Loft

If you have the space to spare, a wood shop loft may be just the thing for you. It can add twice the space in the same area. And is great for storage of extra tools or materials. A few tips on building a loft:

  • Be sure to use heavy supports to handle the load.
  • Safety first!
  • Use a handle along the open side and hand railing on the steps or ladder.
  • To add to the usefulness of the loft, a light in the loft would greatly help.

Will cabinets work in a shop?

Keeping The Shop Clean

A important element of setting up a new wood working shop is keeping it clean - and not just dust removal or picking up the scrap wood. It's important to keep your work space free from piles and heaps of scrap.

Wall mounted cabinets are a good way to keep your area clean. Pull out bins that fit nicely on the shelves work well and labeling the cabinets and bins is a big help. A freestanding cabinet can be used for the larger tools. A pegboard is always handy to keep things organized in the shop.

What do I do with the lumber?

Lumber Rack

Using a lumber rack is a great way to save on valuable floor space. It can be simple or complex, depending on the average type of wood you use and the length. Lumber rack designs come in various shapes and styles - they may be up against a wall or suspended from the wall in an A- frame with cross members for support.

What are some ways to save space?

Maximizing Tool Space

A well thought out and organized woodworking shop can be a pleasure to work in. Everything should have a place, but it's a good idea to survey the space first to determine what you have to work with. First determine: Is the shop in the garage or an outbuilding, maybe in the basement?

What work bench is best?

Work Benches

Gone are the days of old wooden benches constructed out of scrap wood. Today, the workbench is often a work of art, or technology. Internet companies are offering the chance to design your own custom metal and plastic work bench with on-line 3-D programs that let you see every angle of your work bench designs.

What are some types of router jigs?

Router Jigs

There are lots of things being put out today to make life easier around the shop, but none are more handy than a good router jig. Here are some basic router jog uses:

  • A door hinge router jig helps cut perfect hinge pockets. It's adjustable and portable. And what's more handy then a router circle cutter plate?
  • The dovetail router jig set comes in different sizes to fit your needs. What looks and performs better than a dovetail joint?
  • Many shops also have the sign cutting router jigs - some call them lettering router jigs.

What about lighting the shop?

Shop Lighting Needs

Wood shop lighting is a big consideration when doing a woodworking shop layout. Here are some things to consider when shopping for lights:

  • What type of lighting will you need?
  • Will there be any natural lighting available?
  • Will florescent lighting work better than incandescent?
  • What is the height of the shop ceiling?
    Are lights equipped with shatter guards necessary?
Even if the shop will be well lit with a mix of lighting sources, it is a good idea to equip each station with a work light. For example, if the station is up against a wall while your working, the ceiling light may be to your back and not on the piece your working on, making it harder to see.

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