Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools

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What are good carving tools?

Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools

Pfeil "Swiss Made" Carving Tools are among the finest tools made. Their Brienz collection is made of lacquered, beech storage and has wonderful corner box joints, brass hinges, clasps, a leather handle, a removable top tool tray and individual compartments for 21 Swiss carving tools, a 14-1/2 oz. beech carving mallet, a No. 1 and a No. 2 Arkansas honing stone, and one 4 ounce container of sharpening oil.

Pfeil Tool sets include:

  • #1 Straight Chisel 16mm,
  • #1 Skew Cut Chisel 16mm,
  • #2 Gouge 20mm,
  • #3 Gouge 3mm,
  • #3 Gouge 12mm,
  • #3 Gouge 25mm,
  • #5 Gouge 35mm,
  • #7 Gouge 20mm,
  • #8 Gouge 7mm,
  • #8 Gouge 18mm,
  • #8 Gouge 25mm,
  • #8 Spoon Gouge 18mm,
  • #7 Heavy Bent Gouge 25mm,
  • #9 Gouge 7mm,
  • #9 Gouge 15mm,
  • #11 Veiner 2mm,
  • #11 Veiner 10mm,
  • #15 V-Parting Tool 3mm,
  • #12 V Parting Tool 10mm,
  • #14 V Parting Tool 8mm,
  • and a Brienz Carver's Knife.
Also included is a free engraved brass plate to personalize this set.



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