The Henry Taylor Tool Company .

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What's a good name in carving tools?

The Henry Taylor Tool Company .

The Henry Taylor Tool Company has an amateur and professional line of Carving chisels available. Both have the same high quality and shape, bu the main difference is the overall length of the tool. Henry Taylor has four digit numbers to dignify their tools: the professionals start with 37 and the amateur start with 24.

Henry Taylor chisels may look like an ordinary straight chisel but they have a rounded bevel on each side of the cutting edge to help cutting into very sharp corners. Henry Taylor offers carving tool sets that are superb. The beginner sets offer a wide range of chisels including:

  • 2411-1/4" 6mm straight chisel,
  • 2418-1/4" 6mm Straight Gouge,
  • 2412-3/8"10mm Skew chisel,
  • 2421-1/16" 2mm Veining Tool,
  • 2414-3/16" 5mm Straight Gouge,
  • 2428-5/16" 8mm Bent Tool,
  • 2415-1/8" 3mm Straight Gouge,
  • 2431-1/4" 6mm Spoon bit chisel,
  • 2415-3/8" 10mm Straight Gouge,
  • 2437-1/4" 6mm Spoon bit chisel,
  • 2416-1/4" 6mm Straight Gouge, and
  • 2449- 1/4" 6mm Straight Tool.
Also, a booklet containing advice for newcomers to this age old craft. It's important to point out that you get what you pay for with tools.
With that in mind, you can be assured that hard earned money is well
spent on high quality tools that will last a life time.



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