The Best Woods For Carving

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What is the best wood carving wood?

The Best Woods For Carving

Different types of wood are better for different types of wood carvings. Here are a few of the most popular types of wood:

  • Oak, which is a strong and durable type, is most often used to do wood carvings and has been popular since early English craftsmen.
  • Pine is a better carving wood for painting.
  • Myrtlewood is another popular wood for carving because of its color and strength.
  • B asswood and Butternut are good woods for beginners .
  • Walnut, Teak, Mahogany, White Beech, Red Cedar, and Hoop Pine are also popular carving woods.
You can also buy wood from companies that sell carving blanks, clock slabs, turning stock, and bowl blanks. These blanks are a good place to start, because of beautiful color choices and moisture content. Their rough shapes make an excellent place to begin your project.



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