The Process In Making The Timber Framing Members

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Is all timber framing done by hand?

The Process In Making The Timber Framing Members

This may be an age old method of framing, but modern minds have caught up with them. Today machines have replaced some of the repetitiveness that is involved in timber framing by using CNC or computerized numeric control machines. But there is still plenty of axe work left to be done.

The machines can't cut the sometimes complex hips and valley required in framing. Another technique used in building timber framing is a pre-fit of the members before the final assembly is done to make last minute trims or changes, which saves not just time but money. Of course, there are members that just have to be fitted and fastened into place during construction. But pre-fitting the general members really helps. In some parts of the world there are some great hand carvings that have been done on the structure members of this framing.



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