Saw Safety

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Are saws safe for everyone?

Saw Safety

Like any tool, especially power tools, there are three things to remember: Safety. Safety. Safety. Below are some basic safety tips to follow:

  • Start by reading the safety information provided by the manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer for any information on the tools.
  • If your table saw is used, be sure to do a good inspection of all the moving parts and electrical wires before use.
  • If the saw is not in use, lower the blade below the table.
  • Always disconnect the power before changing blades or adding accessories.
  • Always wear safety glasses and never wear clothing that may get pulled into the blades.
  • Never put your hands or fingers near the blade when it is on, or when there are pieces of wood between the guide and the blade.
  • To avoid a loose piece of wood "kicking back" by the spinning saw blade, make sure to leave the guard on.



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