Types of Saws

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Which saw is best?

Types of Saws

Like most woodworking equipment, there are many types to choose from. The major differences are between the cabinet table saw and the bench table saw. As the name implies, the cabinet table saw has a cabinet it sits on. They are heavier and have less vibration than the bench table saw. They also can come with a table extension for easier handling of large pieces of material. Another advantage to the cabinet table saw is it's dust collection because it's a cabinet. This type of saw can be found in most permanent wood shops.

The Bench top table saw is lighter than the cabinet table saw and is built to sit on top of a table. This type of table saw is more likely to be found on construction sites or used by finish carpenters. All and all, they aren't as strong as some of the other saws, but it gets the job done in cramped places.

Contractor's table saws are mostly used by homeowners because of the power supply that is more in-line with a household circuitry. They also come with a base, but it is open and sometimes on wheels, and the motor hangs off the back of the machine on a hinge.



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